Composited steel grating

Composited steel grating


composite steel grating is a certain ability of steel case board and seal surface decorative pattern plate with a combination of composite products. It may use any kind of specifications and types of steel grating and the different thickness of the decorative pattern steel composition, but most commonly used is by G323/40/100 or G323/60/100 for DeBan 3mm (also can use, 4mm or 5mm) thick decorative pattern plate to combination.
USES: in some special situations (for example pedestrian Bridges), some platform just don't allow the existence empty. Therefore, we specially designed a composite steel grating to meet such requirements. It is with steel grating to do keel, decorative pattern plate for surface, welding into the whole. Such already used the decorative pattern plate anti skid and no empty features, but also make full use of the steel case board better carrying capacity, is purer use decorative pattern steel plate and steel as support and substantially reduced the use of material, saved costs.

Product Origin: Anping
Model Number: ST-G816
Brand Name: Sitong

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